Ready for Practice (RFP) FAQs - LAWS8152 - New Requirements for 2019

What is the RFP course?

The three week Ready for Practice (RFP) course occurs online at the conclusion of your GDLP (or admission to practice courses of your MLP), to:

  • Draw together your experiences in the program and your legal practice placement
  • Re-examine areas of skills that require additional development
  • Provide you with an opportunity to analyse your professional identity, relationships with legal practice and legal professional development as you transition to an admitted legal practitioner.

The RFP is a capstone course. What is a capstone course?

A capstone is a course that provides an opportunity for students to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the program into a plan for ongoing professional development.

What is the Portfolio?

The Portfolio is a structured opportunity for you to draw together your work across the GDLP and track your professional formation for examination in the Ready for Practice course at the completion of the program. 

You will use an ePortfolio online tool to collate material as you progress through the program which will be used in the Ready for Practice (RFP) assessment.

When do I complete the RFP course?

RPF is a capstone course which means you complete it at the end of your program

Please contact for a permission code to enrol in your RFP course via ISIS once you have completed the following:

  1.  Becoming a Practitioner (BAP)
  2.  Professional Practice Core (PPC)
  3.  All elective courses

           And have been approved and enrolled in:

       4. Legal Practice Experience (LPE)

Where do I find out the course dates for the RFP?

You can find them on the GDLP Course Timetable on the website or go to ANU Programs and Courses.  Programs and Courses lists the Class Start Date (first day) and Class End Date (last day) of each offering of the RFP for the year.

Do I have to have completed my LPE placement(s) before I can undertake RFP?

Yes, you will need to have been approved and enrolled in your LPE prior to commencing the RFP. 

Can undertake the RFP even though I completed my PPC prior to 2017?

No. Students who completed their PPC prior to 2017 are not able to undertake the RFP course.




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