Your GDLP with ANU School of Legal Practice

Your ANU GDLP – Practical Legal Training

ANU is Australia’s leading university provider of Practical Legal Training (PLT).

The ANU Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP) provides not only the qualification you need to be admitted as a lawyer in Australia, the GDLP provides the skills you need to take the next step in your career in any professional environment.

Designed to provide you with the practical skills and professional understanding you will need as a lawyer or barrister, the ANU GDLP builds on the knowledge you have gained in your Bachelor of Law degree or Juris Doctor.


ANU GDLP - Accredited until 2020 - The ANU GDLP was recently accredited by the ACT Admissions Board and the Victorian Legal Admissions Board until 2020. The review panel found that the program meets the national standards for preparing entry level lawyers for professional legal practice.


The ANU GDLP program uses online learning to enable you to balance your PLT with employment, or other personal commitments and to study at ANU regardless of your location. Our GDLP students are based all over Australia and the world. 

  • Choose to attend any one of a number of Becoming a Practitioner (BAP) courses held across Australia
  • Choose when to complete the Professional Practice Core (PPC) (currently offered 3 times each year)
  • Choose the number of electives you would like to complete from our comprehensive suite of elective courses, all delivered by our team of expert Practitioner Teachers. 
  • Benefit from our Ready For Practice (RFP) course where you will receive supportive coaching to bring together your learning from the PPC and assist you with a smooth transition to practice
  • Choose the length of your Legal Practice Experience (LPE), doing either 20, 50 or 80 days

The choice is yours and you can tailor the course to best suit what you want to do.

The indicative workload for each course is set out in the respective Course Outline. Based on experience, we suggest that if you are working full time, or completing LPE on a full time basis, you should do no more than the PPC and one elective at any one time. You are welcome to talk about your workload with any of the Course Convenors so that you fully understand the requirements of each course before you decide.


The ANU GDLP program uses online learning to enable you to balance your PLT with employment, or other personal commitments and to study at ANU regardless of your location. Our GDLP students are based all over Australia and the world.  

Your GDLP program is comprised of the following components:

  • Becoming a Practitioner (BAP) – This is a compulsory four day face-to-face threshold entry course which introduces fundamental skills in interviewing, negotiation and advocacy. You will receive personalised instruction, build skills and develop networks. You can choose to do your BAP in a location that suits you.
  • Professional Practice Core (PPC) – This is a 12 week simulated experience which is delivered wholly online. This course enables you to undertake a series of legal transactions ‘in character’ as a legal practitioner, providing you with the ultimate opportunity to ‘practise for practice’.
  • Electives – You will choose from an extensive suite of elective courses, offered by our team of expert Practitioner Teachers. The number of electives that you undertake will depend on the duration of your Legal Practice Experience (see below).     
  • Ready for Practice (RFP) – This is a three week capstone experience which enables you to draw together your learning in the GDLP. You will receive supportive coaching in preparation for a smooth transition to practice.
  • Legal Practice Experience (LPE) - You have the option of completing LPE in a total of 20, 50 or 80 days. The GDLP fee varies according to the number of LPE days you choose to do. 

The Legal Profession has become increasingly dynamic, and more innovative than ever before. The ANU GDLP has maintained its position as the leader in online education, and the GDLP has been integrated with today’s employment market demands.

Opportunity to continue onto a Master of Legal Practice (MLP)

Once you have completed your GDLP you can apply to be admitted as a legal practitioner anywhere in Australia.

You also have the option to continue your studies, reapply and graduate with a Master of Legal Practice (MLP) degree. There are a number of Masters courses available for you to choose from. 

Apply for the Master of Legal Practice and receive up to 48 units of credit from your GDLP towards the MLP

You have two years from completing your GDLP to decide. The option is yours. 

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